Jan. 1st, 2010

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I didn't get to drink cuz I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday. But I have a bottle of vicodin, natch. Now I'm going to sleep with my head elevated. Good night!


Jan. 1st, 2010 12:24 pm
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I totally forgot that the 7 year anniversary of my lj was 3 days ago. I love going back and reading those old entries. And lol, when I try to look at my computer's date is says "no data". Ahem, on to the resolutions.

1. Read 50,000 pages. I'm including scientific papers in here along with books, cuz if I had to read that many books on top of all the papers it would not happen. Included in this resolution is to get through the giant stack of papers my advisor gave me to read last summer!

2. Get all my furniture to match. Right now it's half shabby chic, half asian decor. done

3. See about finally getting braces. My oral surgeon had them; now I'm inspired.

4. Maybe get back into vidding/digital art? I think I did one piece last year.

5. Clean out my closet by getting rid of old clothes. *weep*

6. Apply to med school!

7. Finish all research for my thesis.

8. If I don't get interviews for med school, apply for a PhD program! Somewhere far away from here.

9. Finish the sailor moon cosplay costume I started a year ago and sell it.

10. And of course, lose some weight/get back in shape blah, blah.


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