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Feb. 2nd, 2010 10:59 am
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When Anita Blake meets with prospective client Tony Bennington, who is desperate to have her reanimate his recently deceased wife, she is full of sympathy for his loss. Anita knows something about love, and she knows everything there is to know about loss. But what she also knows, though Tony Bennington seems unwilling to be convinced, is that the thing she can do as a necromancer isn't the miracle he thinks he needs. The creature that Anita could coerce to step out of the late Mrs. Bennington's grave would not be the lovely Mrs. Bennington. Not really. And not for long.

OK, she's not even trying anymore. This plot worked in a short story, way at the beginning of the Anita Blake series, but to bring it up 18 books later and have it be the entire storyline is just ridiculous. Reading reviews on amazon, this seems to be another PWP with the resurrecting-the-spouse story as a set up for a LOT of kinky sex, as per usual. Sigh.

On a related note, since making the resolution to read 50,000 pages in 2010 I have read 0. Except for school, which I need to tally up. Um.
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Ok, so I'm listening to Pandora and I get a commercial for H&R Block. The tax form that's so easy to fill out it's named EZ, you can have filled out for you for the low price of $49!!!!!

PLEASE tell me no one pays them that much to fill out a 1040EZ. Please.


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