Feb. 18th, 2010


Feb. 18th, 2010 12:13 am
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First of all, I don't know whether to be amused or appalled that Rod Blagojevich is on Celebrity Apprentice. "'You're fired'? Yeah I've heard that one before."

I loved this book. I didn't care for the movie, but the novel has this creepy ambiance mixed with the whole mother's love thing, which has been done over and over in Hollywood but this is the ORIGINAL demon baby story, you get me? Really horrifying.

Someone rec'ed this in the broad category of vampire books better than Twilight, but it's more like the Anita Blake series in that there is wayyyyyyy too much space wasted on exposition and detailing the magical jargon of the author's personal fantasy world. There is unending minutiae that has to be described in excruciating detail (and run on sentences), and there are a lot of times where something illogical/magical/supernatural happens and the author has to explain after the fact exactly how it's possible, because the audience has no idea what to expect. There's also a Mary Sue quality to the main character in that she keeps gaining ability after ability and everyone is counting on her to save the day and of course she's the long lost daughter of the most powerful magic handler in the history of ever, scourge of bad vampires and irresistible to less bad/more sexy vampires. However she is, on occasion, amusing.

That being said, I did enjoy how not human at all or even attractive the vampires in the book are and how the romance (such as it is) isn't all twu wuv or anything close to it. I also like the vampire-love-interest's constant dry and ironic (maybe?) dialogue. Unfortunately he's an overuser of ellipses and is only in about 2/5 of the book.


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