Apr. 24th, 2010

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On Monday I get to do my least favorite activity, which is call a bunch of customer service people and try to get back the money they owe me. First, I get these bogus predicto scam texts, and they charge my phone bill $9.99 for "subscribing" even though they have "an extensive double opt-in process" which I definitely did not complete. Are you kidding me? Verizon wouldn't give me a refund because they give you 2 chances to unsubscribe: yeah, they sent me 3 txts simultaneously, same goddamn timestamp, so I did not fucking have a chance to unsubscribe.

Next, I bought a dress from freepeople.com. I ended up with 2 identical orders, one of which was supposed to be cancelled. They sent me the order anyway and of course charged me the $95 twice. I sent it back 2 weeks ago, but surprise, they have no record of the cancelled order.

On to medical bills: I had three check ups for my thyroid since February. The first time the clinic wrongly charged me for an office visit since I'm a student; I called once already to have the charge taken off my bill but it's still on there 2 months later. And the last time I went in they didn't bill my insurance, so I'm getting charged the full amount for $200 of lab tests.

On the bright side, I did get a $111 paypal refund for an item not received case.

To cheer myself up, I am looking at these amazing hubble photos.


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