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I've had directv service for like, 3 1/2 months now. They've had to fix it 3 times, and now it's not working again. Only they won't send someone to fix it until the snow is cleared off the dish. I just tried getting on the roof--no go, I'm pretty sure without some rock-climbing gear I would break my neck. "Maybe a sunny day will melt it" they say. It is, lessee, -6 degrees outside. The snow will probably melt by May.

So I called and said I wanted to cancel my service, and NOW they want to send someone to fix it. Fuck. You. Directv.
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I am SICK of the WIND and the RAIN and April needs to LEAVE NOW.


Mar. 15th, 2009 08:35 pm
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My itunes is completely borked, and I hadn't even downloaded the new version yet!
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When you live in a building with 8 people and share 2 washing machines, do you really have the right to be outraged when someone takes your laundry out of the machine after it's been sitting in there for hours? No ma'am, you do not.
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I bought an LG Dare today, and the screen is already scratched. The up-side is, I've found a use for my old ipod mini socks!

ETA Work Vent

Today one of the other pharmacy techs quit without notice, because our manager is an asshole. (Yes, when you make someone work for 4 hours after they've just tossed their cookies b/c they have the STOMACH FLU and really shouldn't be giving the other sick people their pills anyway, you are an asshole.) Although according to him, the reason she quit is because she was lazy. So today I got to listen to him and a couple of the other techs laughing at her for quitting, gritting my teeth, all the while getting the feeling that I might like to quit myself. She was not the first tech to quit because of our manager's poor anger management skills.

Once our manager left for the day, I was alone with one of the other pharmacists and the newest tech, an older lady who used to be a backroom supervisor. When she was a supervisor and I was a salesperson, she was flat out rude and sarcastic to me multiple times. This afternoon during a busy moment she ordered me to help her bag a customer's medications, without any attempt at politeness whatsoever, even though I was in the middle of filling another order, while calling me by the wrong name.

Funnily, the other pharmacist noticed and asked me later, "you don't like being bossed around, do you?" Well, not by someone who's not my boss, that's for fucking sure.

And the icing on today's cake is that we had a customer come right at closing time, and I ended up clocking out about 3 minutes after my 6 hour shift was up. Which is a VIOLATION that will get me put on PROBATION if I do it again, because I had to stay late to HELP A CUSTOMER. GOD.
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Dude, is it not fucking sad that one of my Youtube videos was taken down for a copyright claim because I used the music from 300--when basically that whole score was lifted straight from the movie Titus without permission? Not that I'm disputing the claim or anything, just feels like a pot kettle situation is all.


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