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Sorry, this is a twi post. I've always said Kat Dennings would have been a great Bella except that she is way too cool for twilight. Lookie. cuuute ignoring Rob's hurdur face... )

This post comes as I'm about to be a total stan and make a Kat Dennings icon set.
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I actually mean the car this time, not the rpattz.

I'm watching Dead Ringers in bed, because I saw it mentioned in print twice today and that has to be a sign. (A sign that I should be watching Dead Ringers). Wyck Godfrey referenced it while talking about a Cronenberg-ian Breaking Dawn (I like this guy). And on her blog, Kat Dennings said she watched half in hopes of a nightmare featuring Jeremy Irons. (I'm pretty sure Kat Dennings is my soulmate, and I'm depressed that we will never meet. /stalker)
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I really didn't like it. I actually thought it was dreadful. I'm sorry, I really really tried to enjoy it! Idgi, I loved Twilight even though it's cheesy as hell, I thought New Moon was lovely if a tad slow paced, but this was just awful. The wigs/hair were awful (I weep for Rob's head), accents were awful (what nationality is PFach trying to sound like?), acting from the twifecta was awful, the score was awful, the editing was awful, the dialogue was REALLY awful.

I did like: the title screen (lol), CGI wolves, Rosalie and Jasper's flashbacks, the training scene, LEAH and Riley. I'd say I enjoyed maybe 9% of the movie.

ETA The worst thing about it is the COMPLETE LACK OF MICHAEL SHEEN. I know he's not in the book but still.


Jun. 25th, 2010 10:36 pm
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AHAHAHA Xavier Samuel really got attacked by a raccoon. I'm dying
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Alright, so I thought this novella was pretty okay. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to read it. SMeyer got to show off the newborn gang's shenanigans and redesign Bella into a regular vamp via Bree. But it's definitely mediocre in terms of writing (which is to be expected) but also in terms of creativity and storytelling. I think SMeyer has lost whatever magical touch she had that let her come up with the story behind Twilight. I'm not saying Twilight was superb writing either, but (IMO) there is something special about it nonetheless.

I'm throwing this out there, I think the reason she isn't finishing Midnight Sun is because she just doesn't have "it" anymore. Call me cynical, but why else is she giving her new book away for free? And I think having her be a producer on the Breaking Dawn movies is a huge, huge mistake. Summit should take a look at the reviews for that book on amazon sometime, and then decide whether they want the author bankrolling it. Also, she didn't even want BD to be made into a movie in the first place.

And I'm not even gonna talk about the 2 movie deal. The second part will be the most boring POS ever put on film, unless they embellish the story drastically, which probably won't fly with the producers, considering one of them is the author. It'll be worse than The Soloist. ;)
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AHAHA oh, the Twilight dvd commentary. Rob Pattinson really should not be allowed to watch his own performances, he gets kind of manic XD It's a good thing Catherine and Kristen were there to restore some logic when he started comparing his own head to an episode of Ren & Stimpy.


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