Feb. 10th, 2010 01:23 pm
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My advisor just walked into the lab and said, "I've always wanted to be a fishmonger" and left. I love this place.
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I bought an LG Dare today, and the screen is already scratched. The up-side is, I've found a use for my old ipod mini socks!

ETA Work Vent

Today one of the other pharmacy techs quit without notice, because our manager is an asshole. (Yes, when you make someone work for 4 hours after they've just tossed their cookies b/c they have the STOMACH FLU and really shouldn't be giving the other sick people their pills anyway, you are an asshole.) Although according to him, the reason she quit is because she was lazy. So today I got to listen to him and a couple of the other techs laughing at her for quitting, gritting my teeth, all the while getting the feeling that I might like to quit myself. She was not the first tech to quit because of our manager's poor anger management skills.

Once our manager left for the day, I was alone with one of the other pharmacists and the newest tech, an older lady who used to be a backroom supervisor. When she was a supervisor and I was a salesperson, she was flat out rude and sarcastic to me multiple times. This afternoon during a busy moment she ordered me to help her bag a customer's medications, without any attempt at politeness whatsoever, even though I was in the middle of filling another order, while calling me by the wrong name.

Funnily, the other pharmacist noticed and asked me later, "you don't like being bossed around, do you?" Well, not by someone who's not my boss, that's for fucking sure.

And the icing on today's cake is that we had a customer come right at closing time, and I ended up clocking out about 3 minutes after my 6 hour shift was up. Which is a VIOLATION that will get me put on PROBATION if I do it again, because I had to stay late to HELP A CUSTOMER. GOD.
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Y'know, working at a pharmacy, especially such an esteemed one as the pharmacy at Wal-Hell, I expect customers to be rude to me. The ones I don't get are the ones who apologize afterward. Because while better people than I will kindly accept these apologies, I frankly don't. Saying you're sorry afterward does not make up for the fact that you were an asshat two seconds ago.

Sometimes I think this desire to hold a mini-grudge is a failing of mine, but then again in my 6 years of adulthood I have so far resisted the urge to EVER be rude to a customer service person: not when the stock boys at Shopko sent me home with the wrong futon, or when the stylist at Hair by Stewarts lopped off 3 inches too many, or when the video store falsely accused me TWICE of stealing their copy of Lolita, or when the student loan people told the credit bureau that I defaulted on my loan because they were sending my bills to the Wrong. Freaking. City. And yeah, if you're asking me to pay $200 for migraine medication and I just lost my job, I might be a tad upset. But I wouldn't freak out over having to, say, wait a whole 15 minutes for my prescription or having to take an extra second to sign a HIPAA privacy policy.

So, yeah, I'm not going to feel guilty when I don't thank someone for shopping at Wal-Mart, after they've just spent 5 minutes grumbling about how they should have gone to Hy-Vee instead. I've worked at Hy-Vee, and I'll leave the ass kissing to them, since they like it so much.


On a lighter note, I just caught my first ever episode of Moonlight. So, this vamp kid is Angel, but not attractive, witty, or badass in any way? Does that about cover it?


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