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Y'know, working at a pharmacy, especially such an esteemed one as the pharmacy at Wal-Hell, I expect customers to be rude to me. The ones I don't get are the ones who apologize afterward. Because while better people than I will kindly accept these apologies, I frankly don't. Saying you're sorry afterward does not make up for the fact that you were an asshat two seconds ago.

Sometimes I think this desire to hold a mini-grudge is a failing of mine, but then again in my 6 years of adulthood I have so far resisted the urge to EVER be rude to a customer service person: not when the stock boys at Shopko sent me home with the wrong futon, or when the stylist at Hair by Stewarts lopped off 3 inches too many, or when the video store falsely accused me TWICE of stealing their copy of Lolita, or when the student loan people told the credit bureau that I defaulted on my loan because they were sending my bills to the Wrong. Freaking. City. And yeah, if you're asking me to pay $200 for migraine medication and I just lost my job, I might be a tad upset. But I wouldn't freak out over having to, say, wait a whole 15 minutes for my prescription or having to take an extra second to sign a HIPAA privacy policy.

So, yeah, I'm not going to feel guilty when I don't thank someone for shopping at Wal-Mart, after they've just spent 5 minutes grumbling about how they should have gone to Hy-Vee instead. I've worked at Hy-Vee, and I'll leave the ass kissing to them, since they like it so much.


On a lighter note, I just caught my first ever episode of Moonlight. So, this vamp kid is Angel, but not attractive, witty, or badass in any way? Does that about cover it?


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