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Sorry, this is a twi post. I've always said Kat Dennings would have been a great Bella except that she is way too cool for twilight. Lookie. cuuute ignoring Rob's hurdur face... )

This post comes as I'm about to be a total stan and make a Kat Dennings icon set.
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I pushed my MCAT day back to Sept 11th. It is the absolute last day to sit for the MCAT this year. Procrastination at its finest. Hopefully if I get a good enough score no one on the adcom will notice :/

I am still getting no results with my research, so I have to keep going until something works. I don't really mind the negative data, but my advisor and I agree that it would suck to defend a thesis where you just get up and say "We had this hypothesis and it was wrong. No idea why. *shrug*" Next we're giving the rats amphetamines.

However I will be getting my name on a published paper soon! There's even a slim chance it might be in a super prestigious journal (NEURON oohlala). Nah, probably not. But still! I'm an author.

If I don't get into med school, plan B is now pharmacy school, or get a phd. Or maybe plan A is pharmacy school, plan B is med school, plan C is phd. F if I know. WHATEVER SCHOOL WILL TAKE ME, THAT IS THE ONE I SHALL GO TO NEXT YEAR.
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Sorry for the double post, but the cutest thing just happened and it fixed my whole day. Earlier my cat (Mattie) was in my room and he grabbed my Goody stay-put ponytail holder off my desk and started playing with it. I said "No, that's not a toy, and even if it was, you already stole way too many." (Those ponytail holders are amazing and rare! He steals them and takes them to his batcave.) Chagrined, he left my bedroom.

About 20 minutes later I hear the sound of Mattie approaching: collar bell tinkle-tinkle-tinkle mrow? mrow? MROW? MROW! mrrr?

So I open the door, and he has the plastic ring from an orange juice bottle lid in his mouth, and he drops it at my feet. He went and found something EXACTLY like a ponytail holder and gave it to me.

Then we watched true blood together. THE END.
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first of all, Prop 8 overturned. cpt. picard approves.

second of all, finally Alltel is getting absorbed by AT&T in my region (because Verizon had bought Alltel, giving them a monopoly, so AT&T is taking over). The upshot is: iPhone, here I come.

PS. I found out the giant mosquitoes are due to the flooding. Meh.
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I just have a couple small rants today. I haven't ranted in a while, I don't think, so I'm just gonna get it over with and then return to my attempt at a new positive outlook on life.

1. The boy I had a crush on FOR A YEAR finally kissed me, and he's moving far, far away in 2 weeks.

2. I just downloaded the kindle app for pc and it will not fucking register itself. It keeps telling me to try again later. What does it want from me!?

3. I injured my knee last week, just when I was getting good at running again. Apparently there is no safe exercise for a knee injury, except I could maybe go swimming, if going swimming was something I did. I hate that I have to rest it, because not exercising + forgetting to take my synthroid all the time = gaining weight. Dieting is not an option, because I love food too much. Right now I'm counting down the hours until I get to eat again. Also I have a tennis tournament in 3 days.

4. I'm watching Lovely & Amazing, bc it was on HBO and I was too lazy to change the channel. Comedy, Drama. A woman and her two daughters deal with insecurities about their appearance, weight and careers. First of all comedy? No. And these women "deal with their insecurities" by whining about having to get a job to support the family, having sex with jake gyllenhaal minors, getting liposuction they can't afford, and letting their children tell racist jokes and make fun of other kids because they are "going through a lot". I want to bitch slap every single character. What IS this movie?

I've spent about 3 hours not studying for the MCAT now, so I should get back to that. /rant out
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Have you seen the video of two cows saving a calf from drowning during a flash flood? Embedding's disabled, sorry. This happened near my home town, and it's sooooo cool!

Lol@the bystander cow not paying attention at all.
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My haircut continues to show its awesome. I had to straighten it a little bit this morning cuz it dried wonky, but otherwise I just added some surf hair spray and it looks like KStew's pre-mullet. Which leaves me with mixed feelings. Eh.

I walked out of my garage to my car yesterday and got attacked by GIANT MOSQUITOES. I think they have mutated due to the spraying of copious amounts of pesticides around town. They are about twice the size of your average north american mosquito, and they will be on you like a skud missile the second you step outside. One got in my car and I thought I had evicted it by swinging a bungee cord at it, but it was actually biding its time somewhere on my person, because I took off my sweater and put it in my backpack, drove to the library, walked up to the second floor, opened my backpack, and the thing FLEW OUT OF MY SWEATER /run on sentence

my reaction:

ETA my advisor and my undergrad agree, the mosquitoes are much huger than normal lately.
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Thanks for the hair advice in my last post! Here's my mini Ashley Greene haircut )

Also bought these Nike Eclipses today. I've been squeezing my giantess feet into shoes that are too small for me lately, thanks to the people on CS who said Keds run small (I respectfully disagree) and the stupid salesgirl at the Vans store, who convinced me my lo pros would stretch out (WRONG). When I put these on I actually heard my feet sigh in relief.

oh and AND I bought these at hot topic. fuck yeah rainbow socks. happy feet.
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Guys, I want an iphone. Originally I didn't want one, because I have an itouch and I thought I would mix them up in my purse. Then I realized: I can listen to music...ON THE IPHONE. So now I really want one. But AT&T has shitty coverage in my town. Half the town is in the "moderate coverage" area, where you maybe can get calls inside buildings, and half the town is in the "partner coverage" area, where you jack verizon's towers and maybe get charged extra.


In other news, please tell me what to do with my hair. I'm getting it cut tomorrow no matter what happens. Pardon my awful webcam. don't click if you don't want to ruin the mystique of what I look like! )
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I actually mean the car this time, not the rpattz.

I'm watching Dead Ringers in bed, because I saw it mentioned in print twice today and that has to be a sign. (A sign that I should be watching Dead Ringers). Wyck Godfrey referenced it while talking about a Cronenberg-ian Breaking Dawn (I like this guy). And on her blog, Kat Dennings said she watched half in hopes of a nightmare featuring Jeremy Irons. (I'm pretty sure Kat Dennings is my soulmate, and I'm depressed that we will never meet. /stalker)


Jul. 27th, 2010 07:45 pm
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I just realized I am taking the MCAT the day Mockingjay comes out. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU


Jul. 19th, 2010 03:09 pm
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I played in a tennis tournament this weekend where they gave us beer and wine coolers instead of free t-shirts, and the "trophies" were bottles of wine. Needless to say we were all sauced on saturday night.

The girl I played in the singles final, a freshman who plays varsity for my university, was this awful bitch who threw a temper tantrum/went whining to her boyfriend every time she lost a point, even though she won (easily). I tried to make small talk with her between sets and she just walked away. But then she and her boyfriend got beaten handily by 2 people from our team with everyone watching, so that was nice. I sound so petty right now but she was really an awful person.

There were a bunch of awesome grudge matches though, because my partner and I beat the other girls on our club team who are supposed to be better-than-us (according to the higher ups on the team, not according to any actual, y'know, stats) in straight sets. (They beat us in a tie-breaker last time.)

And my mixed doubles partner and I won our division, which was nice because he's an out-there, nerdy, but really nice guy, and all the guys on our team kind of look down on him. :/ So I'm glad we kicked some people's butts.
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I've been catching up on sleep.

How is your weekend going flist? Are you relaxing or being productive?


Jul. 7th, 2010 12:04 am
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mattie's home mattie's home mattie's home! he was wet and scared but ok!

And to make the day even better, look what I'm reading. Sequel to that fantastically overdramatic Star Wars book with the surprise cliffhanger, yeeeeaaaaaahhh

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I went door to door and slightly annoyed everyone in a 2 block radius (Angel reference) but no one has seen him. I left McDonald's chicken out on the porch and someone ate it, but it was probably my roommate's dog. I found a website about lost cats and some get found after months and years, but I'm kind of losing hope anyway, because Mattie used to be an outdoor access cat and he always, always came home within a day. I did find the neighbor's cat. *sigh* I think I've stopped crying for a while, anyway.
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Mattie is gone. I don't know how he escaped from our house or if he's stuck in the walls somewhere or what but no one has seen him in a day. :(

I'm starting to hate holidays, this is the 3rd one in 18 months something awful has happened.
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It's 2 years old. I've found 6 of them since I started looking, all XS or XL :/ You would not believe how pretty this is in person.
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