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I pushed my MCAT day back to Sept 11th. It is the absolute last day to sit for the MCAT this year. Procrastination at its finest. Hopefully if I get a good enough score no one on the adcom will notice :/

I am still getting no results with my research, so I have to keep going until something works. I don't really mind the negative data, but my advisor and I agree that it would suck to defend a thesis where you just get up and say "We had this hypothesis and it was wrong. No idea why. *shrug*" Next we're giving the rats amphetamines.

However I will be getting my name on a published paper soon! There's even a slim chance it might be in a super prestigious journal (NEURON oohlala). Nah, probably not. But still! I'm an author.

If I don't get into med school, plan B is now pharmacy school, or get a phd. Or maybe plan A is pharmacy school, plan B is med school, plan C is phd. F if I know. WHATEVER SCHOOL WILL TAKE ME, THAT IS THE ONE I SHALL GO TO NEXT YEAR.
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I had my first graduate committee meeting today, and despite the fact that I've only completed 1 experiment in 1.5 years I am making "excellent progress" toward my degree. Honestly I could be done by now if my advisor had me start my research right away instead of spending a year sitting in the lab watching other people do their own research, but it doesn't matter. Also one of the committee members asked me the fun "what do you want to do with your life" question and the first thing that came to mind was med school, so I guess I'm gonna apply to med school. Obviously I've been planning on doing it forever and have talked with my advisor about it, but now it's like, official.

i'm bored

Apr. 13th, 2010 03:15 pm
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My advisor ran off to Elk Point or somewhere today so I've been all by myself in a dark room (it's dark for the rats) allllll day. I'm going batty here. It's like sensory deprivation torture in here. I'm also writing my presentation on brain-derived neurotrophic factor and neuropathic pain, which is just as boring as it sounds.
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1st: To the grad students out there: how should I go about asking professors to be on my committee? Should I be all formal or keep it short so they don't have to read a long email? Or should I speak to them in person? There's only 1 person I'm kind of worried about asking, because I think that he thinks I'm a derp based on the last class I took from him, in which I handed in my term paper a little, um, late. But my advisor told me to ask him because he would be "easy".

I am worried about writing my thesis proposal, because my advisor is very critical of students' writing. However, I think I'll do better than his last two phd students, who spoke Chinese and German, respectively.

2nd: I just bought my first ever pair of ray bans. They come with an instruction manual. And a little guide as to the exact amount of sunlight your eyes will be protected from with this particular pair. It's so high tech.
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Today I filled up 3 trash bags with clothes and purses to give to the Civ (it's like Goodwill). The bar across my closet was starting to bend in the middle and pull away from the wall, no lie, so I figured I'd better eighty-six some clothing.

My thesis proposal AND progress report are due in...13 days and I'm freaking out. Also, I gave a little wave to one of the professors I'm going to ask to be on my graduate committee and he looked at me like he didn't recognize me. *headdesk*

And I've just discovered that cold reuben sandwiches are AMAZING. Which I think House said once, so I should have known. Was there a new ep of House tonight? *goes to check the dvr*

I want these toms. They are like ninja boots.
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How is your procrastinating studying going? I crammed all night Thursday night, got no sleep, and gave the worst presentation of my life on Friday. Now I plan on playing Mario Bros Wii until my conscience strikes again.
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We have that Campus Alert thing that got started after the Virginia Tech shootings, where they call you and send you emails if anything happens on campus. Well, last night someone got assaulted by family housing, which is scary of course, but I got 4 phone calls about it between 3 and 5 am. All with identical voicemails. People, unless there's a zombie apocalypse, I don't really need to know about it until morning.


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