Jun. 11th, 2010


Jun. 11th, 2010 12:15 pm
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What the hell is the point of UPS mail innovations? Your package gets shipped by UPS, then transferred to the post office, then shipped to your house, adding like a week to your shipping time in the process. I HATE that so many companies are using it now for standard shipping. The nice ones will let you choose UPS MI or the post office, and the post office is SO MUCH QUICKER FOR THE SAME PRICE. They let you track your package, so I know for a fact that it takes 5 business days for UPS to transfer to the post office in a bigger city nearby, and for the post office to then deliver it 60 miles to me. I've had several packages delivered by them and it always takes the same amount of time.

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Alright, so I thought this novella was pretty okay. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to read it. SMeyer got to show off the newborn gang's shenanigans and redesign Bella into a regular vamp via Bree. But it's definitely mediocre in terms of writing (which is to be expected) but also in terms of creativity and storytelling. I think SMeyer has lost whatever magical touch she had that let her come up with the story behind Twilight. I'm not saying Twilight was superb writing either, but (IMO) there is something special about it nonetheless.

I'm throwing this out there, I think the reason she isn't finishing Midnight Sun is because she just doesn't have "it" anymore. Call me cynical, but why else is she giving her new book away for free? And I think having her be a producer on the Breaking Dawn movies is a huge, huge mistake. Summit should take a look at the reviews for that book on amazon sometime, and then decide whether they want the author bankrolling it. Also, she didn't even want BD to be made into a movie in the first place.

And I'm not even gonna talk about the 2 movie deal. The second part will be the most boring POS ever put on film, unless they embellish the story drastically, which probably won't fly with the producers, considering one of them is the author. It'll be worse than The Soloist. ;)


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