Jul. 1st, 2010 04:31 pm
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Did livejournal just re-announce the ala carte userpics, while at the same time saying they aren't ready yet because of billing issues?
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I really didn't like it. I actually thought it was dreadful. I'm sorry, I really really tried to enjoy it! Idgi, I loved Twilight even though it's cheesy as hell, I thought New Moon was lovely if a tad slow paced, but this was just awful. The wigs/hair were awful (I weep for Rob's head), accents were awful (what nationality is PFach trying to sound like?), acting from the twifecta was awful, the score was awful, the editing was awful, the dialogue was REALLY awful.

I did like: the title screen (lol), CGI wolves, Rosalie and Jasper's flashbacks, the training scene, LEAH and Riley. I'd say I enjoyed maybe 9% of the movie.

ETA The worst thing about it is the COMPLETE LACK OF MICHAEL SHEEN. I know he's not in the book but still.


Jun. 25th, 2010 10:36 pm
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AHAHAHA Xavier Samuel really got attacked by a raccoon. I'm dying


Jun. 24th, 2010 11:29 pm
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In the summer, grad students in my dept. get the choice of paying tuition for 1 credit and not paying income taxes, or paying income taxes but not paying for 1 credit. I chose to pay for 1 credit, and guess what, they still took the taxes out of my check. Meaning I'm out $600 of my already teeny paycheck for next month. I think I drop out and go back to work at Wal-Mart, yes?
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I like that they used real wolves and all, but when that naked chick takes down the american soldier, the wolf is clearly nuzzling him, not biting. And he dies instantly lol. That and Eric's hair are the only complaints I have about this week's true blood.


Jun. 21st, 2010 12:15 am
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Played in a tennis tournament today, have wicked sunburn. I'm 5/16 Native American, which doesn't mean much except that I generally don't get sunburned, but today not even Neutrogena broad spectrum Helioplex sunblock saved me. :( It hurts ow ow ow


Jun. 18th, 2010 07:38 pm
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It's the weekend! Ima watch Bridezillas and drink lemonade and rest up for a tennis tournament tomorrow. Bridezillas is my guilty pleasure.

So I got this top from Anthropologie, wore it once, and then the strap broke. I can't get it exchanged because it's 'no longer available' so I fixed it with a paperclip because it's too cute to lose. :/
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season 3 is already better than season 2 ^_^
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Alright, so I thought this novella was pretty okay. I'm glad I didn't have to pay to read it. SMeyer got to show off the newborn gang's shenanigans and redesign Bella into a regular vamp via Bree. But it's definitely mediocre in terms of writing (which is to be expected) but also in terms of creativity and storytelling. I think SMeyer has lost whatever magical touch she had that let her come up with the story behind Twilight. I'm not saying Twilight was superb writing either, but (IMO) there is something special about it nonetheless.

I'm throwing this out there, I think the reason she isn't finishing Midnight Sun is because she just doesn't have "it" anymore. Call me cynical, but why else is she giving her new book away for free? And I think having her be a producer on the Breaking Dawn movies is a huge, huge mistake. Summit should take a look at the reviews for that book on amazon sometime, and then decide whether they want the author bankrolling it. Also, she didn't even want BD to be made into a movie in the first place.

And I'm not even gonna talk about the 2 movie deal. The second part will be the most boring POS ever put on film, unless they embellish the story drastically, which probably won't fly with the producers, considering one of them is the author. It'll be worse than The Soloist. ;)


Jun. 11th, 2010 12:15 pm
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What the hell is the point of UPS mail innovations? Your package gets shipped by UPS, then transferred to the post office, then shipped to your house, adding like a week to your shipping time in the process. I HATE that so many companies are using it now for standard shipping. The nice ones will let you choose UPS MI or the post office, and the post office is SO MUCH QUICKER FOR THE SAME PRICE. They let you track your package, so I know for a fact that it takes 5 business days for UPS to transfer to the post office in a bigger city nearby, and for the post office to then deliver it 60 miles to me. I've had several packages delivered by them and it always takes the same amount of time.



Jun. 3rd, 2010 12:15 pm
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Anybody need an invitation to Gilt? They have daily sales on designer clothing, but you have to be a member to shop. http://www.gilt.com/sale/women
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I had my first graduate committee meeting today, and despite the fact that I've only completed 1 experiment in 1.5 years I am making "excellent progress" toward my degree. Honestly I could be done by now if my advisor had me start my research right away instead of spending a year sitting in the lab watching other people do their own research, but it doesn't matter. Also one of the committee members asked me the fun "what do you want to do with your life" question and the first thing that came to mind was med school, so I guess I'm gonna apply to med school. Obviously I've been planning on doing it forever and have talked with my advisor about it, but now it's like, official.
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thank you.
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To whomever sent me 3 long, sarcastic messages on ebay complaining about the $7 shoes I sold her and then when I offered a full refund including return shipping apologized and decided to keep them, this is my reaction:

A lesson I learned from living with my mom for 18 years, kids: don't take your anger out on other people.

sad today

May. 7th, 2010 01:02 pm
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I HATE doing biomedical research now. Grad school has ruined me for this crap. I cry every time I kill a rat, which isn't even that often because my advisor and another guy on the paper are sympathetic enough to do it for me most days. How do people stand killing animals for sport? Because it's food I suppose, unless you're shooting prairie dogs just to watch them explode in a blood mist, which some of the eco grad students are wont to do. Meanwhile they're surveying song birds and cottonwood trees, or studying the behavior of Indonesian flies. I wish I could switch theses with them.


May. 3rd, 2010 07:54 pm
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This book is like a fanfic, with Obi-Wan tragically angst-ridden and on the brink of death for...uh...yeah, the whole book. *g* I like it. Plus if you're of the OW/Bail persuasion, it's all over that action. I'm reading the series backwards, which means things are just now starting to make sense O_o

And this baby comes out tomorrow:

Unfortunately I have to be in the lab all day, but I will be reading in the dark with my little desk lamp, in between poking the rats.
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I have been trying to buy this slip since it came out beginning of March. Every once in a while it's in stock for like, 10 min because they got a return. But Free People's website doesn't let me order online, so I have to call them on the phone and order, and by the time I do it's gone.

So Thursday there was 1 in stock ALL DAY (because they had removed it from their main website) and I couldn't buy it because I didn't get paid til Friday. Of course it was gone on Friday.

I did buy the black one a while back, and they effed up my order and sent me 2, as I said before. They did let me return 1, but they still charged me shipping and a restocking fee for an order that they screwed up. Blech. I love/hate Free People.

Anyway, yeah.


Apr. 30th, 2010 02:31 pm
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I had my last class yesterday, and I have no finals (mwahaha) which means...summertime! Which also mean non-stop research and getting paid less...damn. Summer sucks.
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On Monday I get to do my least favorite activity, which is call a bunch of customer service people and try to get back the money they owe me. First, I get these bogus predicto scam texts, and they charge my phone bill $9.99 for "subscribing" even though they have "an extensive double opt-in process" which I definitely did not complete. Are you kidding me? Verizon wouldn't give me a refund because they give you 2 chances to unsubscribe: yeah, they sent me 3 txts simultaneously, same goddamn timestamp, so I did not fucking have a chance to unsubscribe.

Next, I bought a dress from freepeople.com. I ended up with 2 identical orders, one of which was supposed to be cancelled. They sent me the order anyway and of course charged me the $95 twice. I sent it back 2 weeks ago, but surprise, they have no record of the cancelled order.

On to medical bills: I had three check ups for my thyroid since February. The first time the clinic wrongly charged me for an office visit since I'm a student; I called once already to have the charge taken off my bill but it's still on there 2 months later. And the last time I went in they didn't bill my insurance, so I'm getting charged the full amount for $200 of lab tests.

On the bright side, I did get a $111 paypal refund for an item not received case.

To cheer myself up, I am looking at these amazing hubble photos.
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Go running (in the rain), or change into pjs and watch Glee.

What to do, what to do.


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